This is an art and social commentary piece, it is not meant to be a commercially viable product (for some informed thoughts on the difference, please check out my blog.). It is just an interesting thing I wanted to build. It is not designed to be an image viewer for tourists, nor is it designed to be a repository for me to store my vacation photos. For now, what you will see is just the output of some Ruby scripts. I'm working on an app that will run the scripts from a user interface.


Over the last 20 years, world traveling has become so common. Although everyone travels differently, we have checklists of icons we "have to see", and we pose in front of the icon to take a photo of ourselves with it, to document that we actually were there. I have taken these photos, and so have you, I am guessing.

This left me asking: "Who are these images for? Are they for ourselves? For our friends and family? Are they documentation for our own reminiscence or are they merely proof we were there?" So, thousands of these images are in google search. And here they are, all in one place. Hundreds of people who have all been to the same place and stood in the same (or nearly the same) spot, but have never met. The only thing they may have in common is their visit to the Eiffel Tower, or the Golden Gate Bridge, or the Great Pyramids, but nevertheless, they do have a connection. Feel free to click on the images to view the site they came from. They are all links that have been generated from the ruby scripts and stored in an HTML file.

If you think this is at all interesting or want to see a specific location anywhere in the world, please email me

Note: It will be stylized with a better UI soon, so please don't be horrified by the lack of a stylesheet. I just wanted to get something up for now.